How Was Business This Month?

Post Status Monthly Business Survey

Was your WordPress business better, worse, or about average in the past month? Here’s what you told us.

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August 2021 📆Up 📈Down 📉Average 😐
All responses433
We floated this survey quietly in August with a single, simple question.
September 2021 📆Up 📈Down 📉Average 😐
Company 🏢416
Agency 🧑‍💼1135
Individual 👩‍💻756
48 people responded in September. 🙏
October 2021 📆Up 📈Down 📉Average 😐
Company 🏢023
Agency 🧑‍💼203
Individual 👩‍💻122
The most common challenge mentioned this month was hiring — finding good talent.