“We’re not a small village anymore.” A Conversation with Kim Lipari — Post Status Draft 121

WordPress as an economy or ecosystem is big, but the community and culture at its heart still feel small. Have we taken the time to really absorb the change that’s come over the past decade? What questions should we be asking about what got us here and where we’re going or want to go?

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Kim Lipari is our guest for this episode of Post Status Draft. Kim started building her career in WordPress over ten years ago, and her agency, Valet, is almost that old. WordPress isn’t a small village community anymore, says Kim, but we still talk about it as if it is. That tightly knit community is still there because — not in spite of — incredible growth.

But what does the fact of growth mean for a small village culture? Can it turn into an enclave or cult? Is the language of a small village still an appropriate language for leadership? Do we need to act more like we’re a busy city — and make an effort to get to know our newer neighbors’ stories? Can we keep (let alone scale) the values, culture, and kindness of a healthy small community as we grow?

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